Imagine a Better World.

Imagine a better world


“Russian house on Monte Verita” is a community of artists, musicians, writers and scientists of different nationalities, which aims to continue the tradition of the legendary colony "Monte Verita" of finding harmony and happiness for the mankind through art, communication and science.


Image 2 Vsevolod Bernstein, Project coordinator "The motto of our community is "Imagine a better world". We are dreamers, just like the first colonists were. And just like them, we're going not only to dream, but to act: organize concerts, exhibitions, conferences, conduct research projects. Over the past hundred years, our world has not become much better, so we have a lot of work to do."


image "El-Nino. Songs of Siberian Seamen"
by Vsevolod Bernstein, Sergej Klichis, Charly Locher, Georgij Modestov
image "Board of Honor"
by Genia Loginova-Hünemörder
image "Sunny from inside to outside"
by Maria Pamiansky
image"Big boy tales"
by Igor Narijny
image "Rendezvous with Marianne"
by Vadim Levin
image "Dacha"
by Irina Polin
image"Duo fön"
by Franziska Giger-Escher and Charly Locher
by Nicole Zach
image "Ad Libitum"
by Artemi Egorov and Alexandre Egorov
by Maria Terpugova