Rendezvous with Marianne


Vadim Levin: "The name "Monte Verita" ("Mountain of Truth") as well as the story of Marianne von Verevkin`s life, reminded me of spiritual séances and ancient shamanic cults that had been so popular at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. I had a vision of Marianne von Verevkin being the Mistress of the Mountain, and that`s when I came up with the idea to reconstruct the shamanic rituals and connect with aristocratic tradition of spiritizm. I wanted to turn to traditional forms of communication with the “other” world, using a wooden sculpture and the latest audio and video equipment. We will ask many questions, and one of them would be about how to make the world better."


Image 1 Vadim Levin Vadim Levin was born in 1973 in the city of Asbest (Russia) Studied at The Shadr School of Art (Ekaterinburg, Russia), Later on studied at The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (Jerusalem, Israel) In 2002 moved to Berlin. Now lives and works in Zurich and Berlin.