Nicole Zach writes poetry and paints from a need to create and be proactive. It is a soulful journey which brings about love. Once she has a finished piece, the reward is worth the punishment. It is a great joy to share the gift of art with willing audiences and promote community and culture.

Dead Souls by Nicole Zach

I feel like Gogol
With my dead souls
Who keep me company
While we run about
Telling me all sorts of information
About this and that
And what couldn’t be more useful
Then the blessings of the dead souls
Who guide me all day long
Into the night
Into the dreams
We share a common bond
We serve God
And we’re paid with love
For all eternity.


Image 1 Nicole Zach Nicole Zach is an artist born in Manhattan, NY and raised in Lyndhurst, NJ. Nicole began painting in 1995 and writing poetry in 1997. Nicole was the Arts Editor of a zine titled Siren’s Silence emanating from Philadelphia, PA. She has read her poetry in different venues in Philadelphia, as well as in San Francisco, and at the William Carlos Williams Center in Rutherford, NJ. Nicole primarily is a painter and has exhibited her work in Philadelphia, San Francisco and New York City.