Irina Polin: "“Dacha” series is a series of black and white Polaroid negatives scans. I wanted to reconstruct the interior and the atmosphere of out countryside house in Tsaritsino where I went in summer with my parents. I am not sure it was exactly like that, but I remember the light and the style of furniture and the whole atmosphere of the rooms.
Dacha remains a place where people invent and create their environment and also build it themselves. Dacha is a permanent construction place, even if everything is already built, because peoples’ creativity is endless.
Constructing and photographing old not perfect spaces I try to put attention to the subject of consumption. “New” doesn’t mean “better”. Things can be repaired and not thrown away. Although towns become more and more modern and offer endless choice for consumers, dacha is a place of better living."


Image 1Irina PolinBorn in Moscow. Since 1993 lives in Switzerland. Graduated from Arts Academy “After the Memory of Year 1905” in Moscow and School Of Art and Design (HFG) in Lucerne. Participated in numerous international exhibitions. Awards winner: Photography Prize 2006, Bern, Switzerland; Magazine-Photography prize, Zurich, Switzerland