Big boy tales


Igor Narijny: "If you are not like little children, you’ll never enter the Kingdom of Heaven, said the Saviour, and not Him alone. Some Lamaist teachers transformed literally into little boys before death, even diminishing physically to a size of an eight-year-old boys, and spent all day long playing with children in the yard.

Anyone may recall a magic feeling of the world opening to us at the dawn of our life, with no books or dominating opinions to lean upon, no mediators at all, when grown-ups were felt as unpredictable giants better kept away from. That magic feeling is the magic wand, a heavenly gift given to every God’s creature, intended to be used as a perfect tuning fork when we need to tell the true from the false. It’s a kind of advance, and as in the Gospel parable, some succeed in using it properly with profit, some hide it away and never use, and some spend it quickly out.

My photo project is an ongoing experience in listening carefully to that tuning fork. "


Image 1Igor NarijnyAn Orientalist by education, Igor spent several years in Laos in his youth, and this country's refined charm has affected his way of seeing the world forever. Photography has always been his main passion until became a part of journalist job. Lives in Moscow.