Sunny from inside to outside


Besides painting and drawing Maria Pomiansky is working as videoartist . Last years she did a trilogy (three films): "Sunny from inside to outside" (2007, 24 min. ) about beauty, "The End of the Light" (2009, 22min.) about fears and "Glück это глюк" (2012,20 min.) about happiness

The initial idea was more of a scientific approach based on socio- anthropological research, interviews and opinions , but it ended up to be a poetic video essay. Working on this 3 films since 2006 Maria created her own visual language .The three films don't pretend to give a precise answer what is beauty fears or happiness. All three topics were just a reason to have a possibility talk in an indirect way about things like love , loneliness, sex,money, art , success and so on. The main focus was on the circle of people , friends mostly artists, musicians , writers which Maria finds very inspiring and tries to share her admiration with the public. A deep personal fascination is being transformed into an audiovisual landscape and is presented in a very sentimental, romantic stylistics. She is trying to find a poetic way of putting the accent on the emotional side of a problem without losing the essence. The geography of the films is reflecting Maria's biography , jumping from country to country and so filming in Russia ,Israel and Switzerland she tries to find her identity and to answer a question , to which place does she really belong.


Image 1 Maria Pomiansky Born in Moscow. In 1990 Graduated from Arts Academy “After the Memory of Year 1905” in Moscow and in 1998 from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel. In 2007 graduated her Master of Scenography from (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste.) The Zurich University of Arts.Participated in a plenty of international exhibitions. Lives and works in Zurich and Tel-aviv