Ad Libitum

Artemi Egorov: Piano improvisations; Alexandre Egorov: Hand Made Scraperboard Artworks

Every human being if of cosmic nature, is a part of a bigger world, a very small and yet very essential part. Our thinking and acting in a global sense makes us human. The nature of the world surrounding us so far is of dualistic nature and is longing for a non-dualistic, unique future, according to our cosmic nature. This future is what calls an artist or a musician, to create artworks and to create music, in order to manifest our global future as pure as possible. For what is created today, is the base of what will come tomorrow, and can only be pure if designed by the future's calling. The responsibility of a creative being is its ability to respond, to questions posed by the world. Improvisation and creation in general - is the act of translating those questions into something that can be perceived by our senses - an image or a piece of music.


Image 1 Artemi Egorov From St. Petersburg, lives in Zurich. Combines his studies in mechanical engineering with passionate piano playing and practices ancient energy healing.
Image 3 Alexander EgorovAn artist from St. Petersburg, lives in Nidau. Continues the tradition of Russian Cosmism.