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The artist Genia Loginova-Hünemörder makes autographed photographic portraits of street workers in Zurich. The large-format photos are exhibited at the same time and place as the progressing construction work, presenting them to the passers-by in a personal view, breaking their anonymity. Following the example of the Soviet photographers, Genia L. Hünemörder enters the construction site. She balances in her photo series between the play with the mass-media stereotypes and her personal fascination on the energy and beauty of the hard work and their heroes. The artist has no fear to romanticize all this, quite the contrary, the viewer will be captivated by the sublime of a construction work. Finally, socialist realism was also a kind of a romanticism of the everyday life.


Image 1 Genia Loginova-HünemörderBorn in 1970 in south Siberia, USSR. Studied stage design at the Theatre Academy in St. Petersburg, at the same time worked in the performance group "Emergency Exit" and theater for synthesis and animation "InterStudio" in Tsarskoye Selo. In the 90th years studied mixed media at the Muthesius Academy of Art and Design Kiel and film at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in Germany. Since 2008 lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.