Duo fön


Franziska Escher-Giger (Flute/Shakuhachi) and Charly F. Locher (Piano/Accordeon) are playing free improvisation.

Free improvisation is music without predetermined dramaturgy, harmony and rhythm. This music is forcing players and listeners to engage in the moment. Mindfulness, living in the here and now, the journey as the destination -all values which apply to different religions and science as the key to a rich life.


Image 1 Franziska Giger-Escher (flute, shakuhachi) Franziska Giger-Escher from Brig now lives in Zurich. She works as a Physiotherapist and is in education for Polarity-Therapist. The nature protection is very important, she works for different environment projects.
Image 3 Charly Locher (piano, accordion) Charly Locher from Gampel (VS) studied linguistics/German. He works in communication/text/design, is involved in a various art-projects as a musician (piano/accordion), as narrator and translator.