El Niño. Songs of Siberian seamen

Multi-media interpretation of the Vsevolod Bernstein's novel "El Niño" in Russian and German. Project participants: Sergey Klichis (vocal), Georgy Modestov (piano), Charly Locher (translation, akkordeon), Vsevolod Bernstein (text, video)

A novel about fragility of the world and strength of the man. An intern on a fishing trawler who found himself in the midst of catastrophe that started off with a minor technical breakage and reached almost a universal scale, manages to conquer evil that takes on many forms.

Keep believing in the good and justice, no matter what, is the way to a better world.


Image 1 Sergey Klichis (vocal) Sergey Klichis from St. Petersburg is a passionate baritone. In 1999 he won the first prize at the national contest "Autumn of Romances". In Switzerland he is involved in various art-projects.
Image 2 Georgy Modestov (piano) Georgy Modestov from St. Petersburg now lives in Lucerne. He graduated from the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory as a choral conductor. Besides his work as a pianist, vocal coach and choir director, he works as a composer (musical "The black brothers")
Image 3 Charly Locher (translation, accordion) Charly Locher from Gampel (VS) studied linguistics/German. He works in communication/text/design, is involved in a various art-projects as a musician (piano/accordion), as narrator and translator.
Image 4 Vsevolod Bernstein (text, video) Vsevolod Bernstein comes from Angarsk, Siberia. He studied oceanography in Leningrad, participated in marine research expeditions. One of the missions in the Pacific became a basis for the plot of the novel "El Nino." Vsevolod Bernstein is a project coordinator of "Russian House on Monte Verita"